¡Coloque as comunidades para saltar o futuro da energia limpa! Todas as idéias, tecnologias e experiências em agências públicas, empresas, educadores e outros, estamos criando componentes básicos para uma nova economia energética. Visualiza um futuro nas comunidades sean redes produtoras de energia e energia limpa mar como possível e acessível para todos.

Our Services

Program Design & Project Implementation

Pensamos em cinco etapas para deletar o panorama energético em constante câmbio, inovando com soluções de vanguarda que transformam o uso de energia e o capital gerado. Como o desenvolvedor e implementador dos Programas de Agência Pública do SoCalREN, o TEC inspeciona os locais de energia ahorrar.

  • Energy Planning
  • Technical Assistance
  • Financing & Funding Strategies
  • Renewable Energy Advisory Services
  • Energy Efficiency Turnkey Project Delivery
  • Focus on Disadvantaged, Underserved and Hard-to-Reach Communities

Marketing & Outreach

Utilizando estratégias compreendidas como marketing e participação dos interes- sados, o TEC instala um cabo de campanha de divulgação para marcas desarrollar e motiva as comunidades a tomar medidas sustentáveis. O trabalho recorrente inclui a criação de marca para o lançamento da Clean Power Alliance, o CCA mais importante da Califórnia.

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Marketing and Outreach Plans
  • Communications Strategies
  • Community Events and Forums
  • Interactive Media and Strategic Partnerships

Education & Workforce Development

O TEC é o fornecedor estatal de programas educacionais galardoados para estudantes de ensino fundamental e médio, organizações inspiradoras, escolas e comunidades para conversão em agentes de câmbio para um futuro sustentável.

  • Corporate Engagement
  • K-12 Sustainability Education
  • Curriculum Development & Design
  • Training & Professional Development

Policy & Master Planning

Através de associações como o projeto Comunidade de Energia Avançada, TEC promove a saúde, a sociedade social e a justiça ambiental, assegurando que os membros das comunidades desfavorecidas estão usando o acesso à energia limpa que é necessário para prosperar em uma nova economia econômica que cambia rapidamente.

  • Energy Policy Leadership
  • Model Energy Policies & Standards
  • Site Tours
  • Policy Forums
  • Discussion Groups
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Our Impact

One project at a time, we’re building a future in which communities produce more energy than they consume.

Reduced emissions equivalent to 740,000 miles of driving (2018)

300+ metric tons carbon dioxide offset from our atmosphere (2018)

Reduced emissions equivalent to 350+ acres of U.S. forests for one year (2018)

15+ million kWh saved, enough electricity to power 50+ homes for one year (2018)

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Our Clients
and Partners

We work together with outstanding public agencies, educators and others to turn big energy goals into sustainable results.
So Why Choose TEC?

[TEC’s] Energy Goals campaign brought our department together, we worked as a team and shared ideas about how we could save energy.

Audit Department Energy Champion, Port of San Diego, Port of San Diego - Energy Goals

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to bring PEAK to our students. It is awesome program that has our students experiencing interntional learning and having so much fun doing it! After our first training with PEAK, the teachers raved about it to their peers. All of our teachers and staff love participating in this great program!

Yvonne Nolasco, PEAK Teacher, Bay Area Community Resources

The PEAK program provides teachers with all the materials we need to teach the program in a meaningful and successful way. The Staff is always available to assist us and answer any questions or concerns we might have. Whenever I run out of supplies, It takes me only one call to have someone from PEAK deliver whatever I need. The PEAK staff is very flexible and is always willing to adjust to the school schedule when presenting assemblies or supporting teachers with labs.

Maria Rubio, PEAK Teacher, Lowell Elementary School

At first I was a bit skeptical about the SoCalREN Public Agency Program, it all sounded too good to be true. But, I must say, they have exceeded all my expectations and then some. They have become not only an integral component of our energy management team, but an extremely valuable asset to the school district as well. Their level of expertise and professionalism has been unsurpassed. They have suggested things that we never thought of, and weren’t even on our radar. They have done significant amounts of work on our behalf that has resulted in substantial savings of both energy and money.

Rick Freed, Energy Educator/Manager, Conejo Valley Unified School District

I can truly say we would have not gotten this far this fast in such a cost effective manner without SoCalREN’s guidance and technical assistance every step of the way. In short the SoCalREN Public Agency Program is a fantastic program to assist local governments in energy efficiency that will pay dividends for years to come.

Charles Herbertson, Director of Public Works, Culver City

Our Clients

Our Partners