Education and Workforce Development

Empowering Today and Tomorrow's Workforce Through Energy Education & Training

Program Impacts

The Energy Coalition designs meaningful training, standards-based curriculum and interactive activities for learners of all ages in formal, informal and organization-based environments.

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Early Childhood

Environmental Investigators 
Early learners are introduced to foundational environmental science and conservation concepts. Through meaningful, standards-based lessons and hands-on investigations, students tap into their natural curiosity about science and the world around them.


Primary Elementary

Planet Protectors 
Primary students explore scientific concepts, engineering practices, and deepen their understanding of their place in the world and how their actions today can impact the planet tomorrow.


Upper Elementary

Resource Management Heroes 
Upper elementary students gain an understanding of core principles, equipping them to take effective action to reduce their dependence on natural resources (such as fossil fuels and water). Students are inspired by the future pursuit of tangible career pathways.


Middle School

Earth Engineers 
Intermediate students dive into forms of energy, renewable resources and ways to engineer a sustainable energy future. Through project-based learning models, students design and customize their learning with green career professionals and classroom educators.

Elementary and Middle Out of School Time

STEM in Out of School Time 
Out of school time materials engage and inspire students through energy-related concepts in non-traditional or after-school settings and are designed to support instructors who are likely to be new to instruction and to teaching energy or STEM-related concepts. 

High School Out of School Time

Environmental Leaders in Action
High school out of school time students are empowered through hands-on lessons, introductions to green career professionals and projects designed to engage with their communities and make a difference in their neighborhoods. High school out of school time students learn valuable community organizing and environmental management skills. 

High School

Energy Workforce Exploration
High school students explore the nexus between water and energy through water and energy management certification pathways. Students benchmark their campuses, conduct marketing outreach campaigns to save resources with their peers and take action through campus improvement projects. 

College & Workforce Training

Field Educators 
In partnership with numerous California universities, college-aged students and adults who are new to the workforce earn credit, observation or fieldwork hours, student teaching hours and on-the-job training through the Field Educator program. Students are empowered through training and shadowing activities to conduct lessons and events and engage with schools on their own. 

Employee Engagement

Engagement Goals
Using behavior change as a core objective, The Energy Coalition uses a “Pledge. Learn. Act.” framework to empower employees in engaging workplace campaigns and activities to learn about energy efficiency and conservation and to take action to reduce energy use in the workplace, at home, and in their communities.


Professional Development Training

Train the Trainer 
Using dynamic online and in-person delivery methods, professionals across disciplines are educated in energy and environmental subject matter and are simultaneously equipped through a train-the-trainer model to share learning with others and to conduct professional development on their own.